October 5 – December 7, 2020

Press Release

TILLOU FINE ART presents MAGIC EDGE: a group exhibition installed at the Troutbeck hotel exploring magic and nuance. MAGIC EDGE presents the views of 24 artists working across a variety of mediums including painting, photography, and sculpture, to image concepts that push the boundaries of reality and look toward the ethereal, the possible, and the unknown.
The works in the exhibition play with abstraction to envision continuations of our reality. Whether it is an overlapping contour such as Kristen Schiele, Liz Nielsen and Samantha Bittman, or a surrealist border as in Langdon Graves, they all have a play on edge or a magical undertone. Magic ranges in the works from Robin Kang's mystical technology in her weaving, to tree spirits in Dave Choi’s wooden masks, to many of the works having spiritual visionary components such as Matthew Fisher. Benny Merris’s body art photo, Maria Calandra’s painting, and Javier Piñón’s mushroom collage are all very shamanistic where magic meets the earth.




Reed Anderson
Samantha Bittman
Erik den Breejen
Maria Calandra
Dave Choi
Stephen Coppola
Nick Farhi
Matthew Fisher
Langdon Graves
Eric Hibit
Roxanne Jackson
Brandon Johnson
Robin Kang
Benny Merris
Liz Nielsen
Heidi Norton
Javier Piñón
Andrew Prayzner
Kristen Schiele
John Spinks
Catherine Tillou
Richard Tinkler
Edwina White
Andy Wilhelm

Curated by Michelle Tillou and Andy Cross

For inquiries or to make an appointment for a tour of the exhibition contact Michelle Tillou: or 917-912-3922

 Other artists such as Reed Anderson, John Spinks and Richard Tinkler are more formal and abstract, showing elements of supernatural subtlety or optical transcendent forms. Heidi Norton’s glass sculpture expands the concept using foraged materials and, on the opposite spectrum, Nick Farhi’s painterly fairy-tale unicorn stands with Brandon Johnson’s painting of a girl being magically lifted up while sleeping. Erik den Breejen plays with scale shifts and alternate ways of reading, teasing an alternate perception of reality and sometimes pushing legibility to the limit.
Another theme within the exhibition explores the lives and energies of the living things and objects that surround us. Edwina White's work catapults fully into the realm of the imagination, manifesting amalgams of botanical and biological forms, as if exquisite corpses are floating in outer space. The mouth studded lip vase by Roxanne Jackson, with grimacing gold teeth, rides on the edge of the subconscious, reminiscent of a psychedelic trip, or a vision inspired by magic.