Edwina White

May 3 – June 14, 2008

Press Release

EDWINA WHITE has varied experience in the disciplines of theater, writing and illustration to the effect of creating playful and poignant vignettes inhabited by characters often posed in fable-like narratives.

White engages the patina of aged papers from an old ruled composition book, a lost family recipe, a menu, or a musical score in a songbook from the past-each already invested with meaning and memory. Her sparse drawings are enhanced with a painterly touch and at times augmented with delicate details of cut paper and collage, such as a lace collar or butterfly wing. White's escapades are infused with a gentle and wry humor, and imply some hidden allegory. Her subjects are distinctive, melding classical elements of expression with a modern sensibility.

Raised in Australia, White moved to New York in 2001 to pursue her fine art career after studying Visual Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney. Her illustrations have appeared in international publications, including ID Magazine, New York Times, Print and Vogue. Her drawings have been exhibited in the UK, Japan, Australia and the U.S.